The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority has dismissed the list of ZWL fuel service stations doing rounds on social media as fake. In Zimbabwe, most service stations are now selling their fuel in USD even though the RBZ says it allocates foreign currency for the purposes of importing fuel to service stations. Fuel imported using RBZ is supposed to be sold in Zimbabwean dollars. Unfortunately, for the past year or so motorists have not been able to find any service station that sells fuel in Zimbabwean dollars.


Fake message on service sttions to begin selling RTGS fuel

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority takes note of a message circulating on social media platforms with a list of service stations purported to begin selling RTGS fuel.

While government and its relevant agencies are working on modalities to roll out RTGS fuel to the public there has not been any outlets designated to sell fuel in RTGS.

The public will be informed through the normal channels once a position has been confirmed by the government. ZERA distances itself from this list and any information in that regard.

To confirm authenticity, all communication by the authority is issued on a ZERA letterhead, with an official ZERA dated stamp.

The full statement from ZERA

This notice from ZERA was prompted by a message doing rounds on WhatsApp with a list of service stations that are supposed to begin selling fuel in RTGS. As things stand there doesn’t seem to be any hope that fuel will be widely available in RTGS/ZWL. Only those connected to service stations seem to be privy to where and when ZWL fuel is available. A lot of these people then buy the fuel in RTGS at the official ZERA price and sell it for profit on the black market.