Here at Zimpricecheck, we love good deals, it is one of the main reasons why we exist. Right now TelOne’s USD bundles or Bonus bundles as TelOne prefers to call them are easily one of the best deals in town. Not only do you get more data compared to when you pay using ZWL, you also get bonus night data which you can use during off-peak periods. Now TelOne has made some additional tweaks to these bundles and they now have even more data

  • For US$10 you now get 60GB of data up from 40GB and in addition to this, you get 30GB of night data compared to the previous 20GB.
  • If you buy the US$25 bonus bundle you get 140GB of data compared to the previous 70GB which is a 100% increase in the amount of data. You also get 70GB of night data in place of the previous 35GB
  • The US$40 bundle now gives you 400GB of data and 200GB of night data instead of the 180GB of data and 90GB that would get prior to the change.
  • For the big US$60 bundle you get 2TB of data and 2TB night data instead of 1TB data and 1TB of night data

Comparisons with ZWL bundles

We have already done comparisons with the ZWL bundles and you can check the TelOne Bundle prices page for up to date comparisons that are automatically updated by the Zimpricecheck Insights system. If you don’t have the time to do this we can help you there. Just buy USD bundles as long as you are spending less than US60. 2TB is a lot of data but if you exhaust that data you get disconnected. In comparison, the unlimited/uncapped package you can pay for using ZWL you will pay the equivalent of US$50 for a genuinely unlimited package.

Apart from the US$60 package, all the other bundles give you more than you can get using normal ZWL TelOne bundles. So why would TelOne do this? Well, just like any Zimbabwean company they are chasing that green dollar. They need foreign currency to pay for capital expenditure and maintain their infrastructure. This is their way of incentivising customers to pay directly in USD instead of ZWL. Receiving ZWL means they will have to run around town looking for USD. On the customer’s side paying using USD means getting more data and easier budgeting since prices do not change that much.