Ecocash is enmeshed in the very fabric of the Zimbabwean payment systems. It’s a big deal and when it stops working the whole system usually crumbles. Sure we have ZIMSWITCH, Telecash and OneMoney but Ecocash is the king of electronic transactions.

We are reminded of this as we get to the weekend. Steward Bank took occasion to remind its customers that Ecocash related banking transactions will be down for their bank and other banks. So once the scheduled big upgrade starts, you won’t be able to do wallet to bank or bank to wallet transactions.


Ecocash Banking Services System Downtime

We wish to advise our valued customers and the general public that all Ecocash Banking Service will be down from 2100 hours on Saturday 16th November to 2100 hours on Sunday 17th November 2019. This is due to a planned system upgrade being carried out on the EcoCash platform. All other banking platforms will be available. We encourage customers to make alternative arrangements prior to the said period for their convennience. We sincerly apologise for any inconvenience caused during this period.