With prices going up on a daily basis a lot of customers have seen themselves hitting transaction limits set by banks. Aware of this problem, Standard Chartered has reviewed it’s transaction limits upwards.

The bank has also clarified that the cost of withdrawing money remains at 2%. Several social media accounts have been peddling several wild amounts that go as high as 2 000ZWL.

Dear Client,

Following some enquiries with regards to VISA ATM withdrawal charges, we wish to clarify that for all customer segments, fees for withdrawals done at Standard Chartered Bank ATMs remain at 2%. This equates to $2.00 based on a current withdrawal limit of $100 per day.

Our transaction limits have changed

Take advantage of our digital transaction channels to enjoy seamless real time banking. For your convenience, we have recently increased transaction limits on our platforms as follows;

ChannelOld LimitNew Limit
SC Mobile App & Online Banking$100,000$500,000*
Point Of Sale (POS)$20,000$100,000
ZIPITFive transactions with upper limits of $10,000 per transaction up to $50,000 per dayFive transactions with upper limits of $20,000 per transaction up to $100,000 per day
Airtime Top-Up$10 per transaction$500 per transaction

*To amend your Online Banking limit, follow these simple steps from your profile or home page “Change Funds Transfer Limit > select limit to change > follow prompts to complete. Your transfer limit will update instantly.