The Registrar General’s officers are now open to the wider public after COVID-19 regulations were relaxed early this week. Prior to the relaxing of rules, only those seeking emergency passports and birth certificates were being attended to. The RG’s office had scaled down its operations in response to the third wave.

In response to the fall in cases, the government has opened up several sectors including intercity travel which was also banned. Schools have also been open for a week now.

The RG’s Office had reduced its operations owing to the increase in Covid-19 cases But since the cases have decreased it has reopend and we expect it to attend to as many people as possible and attend to their documentation issues.

Deputy Minister of Home Affairs and Cultaral Heritate Minister Ruth Maboyi

Relief for the masses

This news is likely going to bring some much-needed relief to a lot of people who needed the RG’s office. A lot of babies born during lockdowns do not yet have birth certificates, those who lost IDs during this period have also been struggling and so did those who wanted passports.