A lot of people only get to sanitise their hands just before they enter a supermarket but it’s important to sanitise your hands regulary in order to make sure you are safe. One time when you need to do this is when you are coming from say work or shopping and are just about to enter your own home. It’s important to make sure that your hands and other exposed parts of the body are clean and sanitisers and disinfectants are a good way to do that.

So we went and did a price survey to see how much sanitisers are costing in supermarkets. Due to the lockdown we were only able to do OK supermarket

ItemQuantityPrize in ZWL
Detol Liquid Sensitive Pump200ml$48.99
Disposable Face Masks50$559.00
Germex Handwash250ml$334.69
ZLG Sanitiser500ml$314.89
Germstop Sanitiser1 litre$882.39
ZLG Handsanitiser Spray500ml$254.49
Clean O Handwash400ml$244.79
Detol Antiseptic250ml$285.99
Savlon Antiseptic500ml$311.89
ZLG Hand Sanitizer100ml$78.99

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