Popular fast-food establishment Mambos Chicken has been castigated by the Zimbabwean Association of Accredited Practitioners in Advertising (ZAAPA) for allegedly using lewd advertisements that a laced with innuendo. Mambos are known for their witty and satirical advertisements that often poke fun at viral topics of the day.

Below is the letter from ZAAPA

The letter from ZAAPA

Below are the advertisement that drew the organisation’s ire and prompted their scolding letter.

The political angle

Chicken Inn lew advert

Some have however pointed out that Mambos and indeed other fast-food chains have used this technique in the past without getting reprimanded. Slogans such as “ngaapinde hake” are known for their association with the opposition more than they are known as sexual innuendo. They allege that Mambos drew the ire of the authorities who in turn put pressure on ZAAPA to rein in Mambos because they felt that they were using a slogan associated with the opposition.

There is also the case that it seems like Mambos are the ones being picked on here even though they are not the only ones who use suggestive language in their adverts. There is the example of the pictured above.