We may argue all day about whether Zimbabwe’s mobile data is expensive or not but one thing is clear-data prices right now are beyond the reach of many. This has made the internet inaccessible to many but NetOne think they have an answer.

They recently introduced 1GB bundle that is going for just $10 ZWL. Normally such a data bundle would cost you $50 ZWL (that’s for NetOne’s 1200MB bundle) so what is the catch? Well, the bundle only lasts for 1 hour!

Introducint the AmaSixty60, hourly data bundle that lets you enjoy 1GB of data for only $10. You can access it by dialing *171# or on OneMoney *111*4*2*1*3*1#

NetOne’s SMS to customers about the bundle

That’s great value for money

This is a good bundle if you are into downloading. NetOne has a stellar reputation when it comes to its LTE speeds so barring some real misfortune you will be able to exhaust your data. This is in contrast to say, Telecel’s network which can barely be called LTE where one might struggle to even make a dent into their hourly bundle.

To show just how good a deal this is, consider what you get in comparison to the other daily bundles. Instead of spending $50 and getting just over a gig you can make 5 separate purchases and be able to download 5GB worth of content.

This deal is also appealing if you just want to have access to the internet for a limited time. For example, if your primary provider has an outage you can just buy the bundle and hotspot your devices in the interim. You can also use the bundle if you want to hop out for lunch and stay connected.

Naturally, this would be a great primary bundle, to be honest. When you buy data you have to constantly keep an eye on the clock and that might just be too distracting.