Everyone will tell you cannot live on potatoes and veggies alone. So today we decided to look for cheap alternatives to these during our rounds. What we learned? Oyster mushrooms can no longer be called cheap. Not by any means.

In TM Pick N Pay they were going for an eye watering price of $39.99 per PNT. That is the equivalent of 2 cups and translates to 200g. If we do the math it means that you will have to pay $200/kg of mushrooms. The price is around this range in all the other supermarkets too. That is way more expensive that topside means! That s according to our latest survey.

Just to show you how ridiculous that is consider this:

  • Countrystyle sausage goes for $146 ZWL per kg
  • Chicken for around $74 and breast fillet for around $90 per kg
  • Drumsticks go for around $80

Why we even doing this list thing? Oyster is probably the easiet mushroom to grow. It shouldn’t be costing more than super blade is all we are saying but yet here we are. Our advice is, unless you really need mushroom soup for some reason, then you are better off buying meat any meat really.

We will not frighten you by telling you how much button mushroom is going for. We can however tell you that you can save a bit of money by going to Mbare Musika and buying your Oyster Mushroom there. It is going for $15 bond per pint.