Liquid Intelligent Technology the company that powers the bulk of Zimbabwe’s internet no matter who your final internet service provider is have said that they will not be doing any scheduled network maintenance over the festive season. This freeze period will be between 13 December and 9 January. According to Liquid, there will be no scheduled maintenance programs during this period although it seems they will still attend to faults that crop up. The company advises it’s customers to report faults using the normal procedure.

orderLiquid Intellient Technologies – Festive Period Network Freeze

Please note that over the festive period, as in previous years, Liquid Intelligent Technologies will freeze its network maintenance programmes, with no scheduled maintenance or network altering projects being undertaken. NOCs in each region will operate as per normal for any network faults as per contact below.   

Please email support for any questions you may have.

Network Freeze Period: December 13th, 2021 to January 9th, 2022.

Please use normal call/escalation procedure for any critical issues during the festive period. Liquid Intelligent technologies would like to take this opportunity to wish our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and may our business partnership grow stronger and closer in 2022.

Our best wishes,

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Liquid Intelligent Technologies

The company’s message to customers.

If you have never heard of Liquid or if you have but don’t know how big a deal they are just consider this. If you are using an Econet line and buy WhatsApp or other bundles you are using Liquid’s backhaul fibre. The same applies to NetOne customers, Telecel customers and ZOL. TelOne have their own connection called EASSY but even they utilise Liquid on many of their connections. They are just not in Zimbabwe but in multiple African countries, they often dominate the market. Let’s, therefore, hope that this freeze will not lead to issues.