There is a reason why we call them bread and butter issues it seems. These days its more like bread and margarine issues, trust us you cannot afford real butter if you don’t believe us look at the price on that picture. We cannot believe you actually paused and took at look-don’t you trust us?

Anyway, while everyone is focused on the bread issues, it seems there is an ongoing margarine shortage too. Perhaps because people don’t have bread, they haven’t noticed that yet but we have.

ZimGold missing in action

Tubs of margarine hanging out in a supermarket fridge during happier days. All brands were there.

ZimGold doesn’t just make cooking oil, they make what we have observed to be the constantly cheapest, brand of margarine. We last saw that brand in supermarket fridges the week before last. The other brands such as ButterCup and Stork are not faring any better. In some shops we have visited there wasn’t a single tub of margarine. All shops with it were running low.

The shortage can be easily explained

In case you were napping during Secondary School chemistry lessons, the shortage makes perfect sense and can be easily explained. You may have noticed that there is also a cooking oil shortage-come to think of it, what is not in shortage these days? Except for inflation of course, we have enough of that.

Anyway, margarine is made from cooking oil. That’s why it makes sense that ZimGold has its own margarine line. Wilmar makes cooking oil so margarine, which is made by emulsification of cooking oil, is a natural product for them to make.

No cooking oil, no margarine, simple.