If you have been paying attention weeks ago we raised alarm and noticed that Mazoe Original was missing from a lot of shop shelves. While back then we were able to find a few bottles in TM, the product has since disappeared from shops. In fact, even the less sought after Mazoe Less Sugar product is now also missing in shops. And we know why.

The company that makes Mazoe Orange crush has not been making any for the past three weeks! It is almost certain they haven’t been making Mazoe in sufficient quantities for a month at least hence the shortages of Mazoe Original for weeks.

Why not? Well, this is because the Coca-Cola company, which supplies Schweppes with essential ingredients decided to cut the company off over a $10 million USD debt.

Yes, there is an amount due and need to be paid so that the release of the concentrate can be done.

It’s a forex issue which is causing frustration. Part of the resolution is that we are working with local banks and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe because that amount due, though it is less than US$10m, is legacy debt accrued over three years. So, this is part of the blocked funds.

Schweppes managing director, Charles Msipa speaking to Business Times

It all comes to forex shortages

So Mazoe is another victim of foreign currency shortages joining long list items whose un-availability has been caused by foreign currency shortages. This is despite leading Economist Eddie Cross’s bizarre claim that there are no foreign currency shortages in Zimbabwe.