So the Zimbabwean government has been promising us the e-passport for years (yes years not months). It took a number of false starts but it seems production has started in earnest. A number of people have now been able to collect their e-passports and some were kind enough to share the passport with us on social media. If you were expecting something radically different to what you have here is some news for you. The new passport looks and feels like the old one although there has been a few design changes as you will see below.

There have been some changes in internal design though. And obviously, the new passport has a bio-chip in addition to the usual information on the back page. The biochip contains information that mirrors what’s on the passport.

The covers of the old and new passports are not identical as you can tell. The new passport comes with some sort of logo at the bottom below the word passport. That probably sets the two passports apart. The inside pages feel the same but they feature a revamped design and include a Flame Lilly on the right and images of various animals on the left page with a different animal featured on each page.