The Zimbabwean government has gazetted Statutory Instrument 221A of 2019 which effectively hikes the costs of going through defensive driving costs, getting a provisional and registering a driving school.

Below are the new charges.

DescriptionZWL $
Defensive driving instructor's course1 500.00
Basic defensive driving course:
a) conducted at the venue of the Traffic Safety Council190.00
b) conducted at the venue chosen by the clients (in-house)225.00
c) including vision test, road test and psychomotor240.00
Heavy Vehicle Driver skills improvement programme750.00
Transport Management and Fleet Control course1 000.00
Driving School Instructor's Course1 000.00
Duplicate Driving school instructor's certificate100.00
Assistant driving school instructor's certificate1 100.00
Duplicate assistant driving school instructor's certificate100.00
Registration of a driving school525.00
Renewal of driving school registration230.00
Registration of co-operating agency500.00
Renewal of a co-operating agency250.00
Certification of Defensive driving courses candidates trained by co-operating agency25.00
Highway Code25.00
Miscellaneous fees e.g. reissuing of lost certificates and inspection documents25.00
Course curriculum fees (student driver handbook)25.00
Driving School Premises Logo200.00