One big, easy and most importantly legal way to protect your savings is to invest them by buying shares at the stock exchange-ZSE. Over the past two years, we have seen more and more people take part in the buying and selling of shares. Unfortunately, this increase in participation paired with the sharp rise in black market rates has resulted in market volatility. The ZSE is introducing new short-circuiting rules in May that will protect buyers and sellers.



The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Limited (ZSE) would like to notify all stakeholders of the following operational changes with effect from the 3rd of May 2022:

i. The ZSE will reduce circuit breakers for all counters trading above ZWL1 from +-20% to +-15%.

ii. The ZSE will reduce the circuit breakers for penny stocks (all stocks with a market price below ZWL1) from 100% to 20%

iii The ZSE will introduce a market wide trading halt of 30 minutes for index movements (ZSE All Share) of +-10% in a trading sesseion.

The above changes have been necessiated by a benchmarking exercise undertaken by the ZSE against other comparable stock exchanges in the region and beyond. The ZSE will also continue to review its operations in line with market developments

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For and behalf of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Limited

J. Bgoni

Chief Executive Officer

Date of Issue: 28 April 20022

The ZSE’s statemnt o n the issue

What it simply means is that the ZSE now has much more sensitive circuit breakers than before. These can now be triggered by smaller spikes or smaller falls in prices that would not have had this effect before. When a circuit breaker is triggered trading is temporarily halted to allow trading to cool off and to reduce rash decisions.