Ever since our first article on how account holders of various banks were having a hard time utilising their Covid-19 allowances, several banks have been taking positive steps to make the experience easy. One such bank is FBC Bank. First, they introduced a way for their account holders to use WhatsApp and email to liquidate funds. Now they have introduced a mobile banking option that will allow customers to quickly convert their allowances even on phones that don’t have internet.

How to liquidate my Covid-19 Allowance using FBC’s mobile banking?

  • First you have to be an FBC customer with two accounts: A Nostro account into which an allowance was deposited and an FBC ZWL Account
  • Dial *220# to access the mobile banking menu
  • Select Option 1- Banking Services
  • Then Selection Option 2- Transfer
  • Then Selection Option 3- Own Account Transfer
  • Then Selection Card
  • Select USD Account
  • Select ZWL Account
  • Enter the USD amount you want to liquidate
  • Select Confirm
  • Your liquidated funds will now appear into the ZWL account. This process should be automated.