Midlands State University (MSU) has released a list showing their proposed fees for the first half of the year. Like everything else, the price of tertiary education has gone up despite the government’s impractical insistence that fees remain the same.

Undergrad Fees For First Semester

BED Adult Education (Block Release)9 000
Visiting School (Gweru/Zvishavane)10 500
Certificate in Social Work6 500
U G Diploma7 000
Paralegal Diploma8 500

Postgrad Fees First Semester

Masters (Gweru/Zvishavane)12 750
Masters (Harare)14 500
MBA/EMBA (Gweru/Zvishavane)13 500
MBA/EMBA (Harare)16 500
MPhil/DPhil11 000
P.G Diploma Humanities (Gweru/Zvishavane)10 000
PG Diploma Sciences (Gweru/Zvishavane)10 500
P.G Diploma Humanities (Harare)12 500