It seems CBZ’s latest systems is not going too well. This is something even the bank has been forced to admit as according to them, that upgrade has resulted in intermittent service. Of particular concern are some customers who have reported seeing zero balances in their accounts even though they had money before the upgrade. CBZ acknowledged this and said they expected this to be rectified once the upgrade was complete. If you are a CBZ customer just check your account to make sure everything is in order.


To our Valued Customers,
We would like to thank you for your continued support and advise that we are in the process of refining the system as we finalize the upgrade. As a result, please bear with us for intermittent challenges being experienced transacting on our platforms. We are working flat out to resolve them. Thank you for your patience and we sincerely apologize for any inconveniences caused.

Customers report issues

According to some customers, CBZ swipe machines were not working as well. It’s not clear whether the issues have been resolved as businesses have already reported losing sales due to the glitches. Some reported failing to make payments using their accounts while others reported seeing strange debits on their accounts.

This calls to mind Ecocash’s famous shambolic upgrade last year. Some people have said this resulted in the mobile money wallet falling out of favour with the wider public resulting in the government neutering the service in a way that people never thought possible last month. The service expected people to defend it but people were fed up with the way the service was doing business. Steward bank also went through a similar phase.

To be fair despite issues. The CBZ upgrade has not gone anywhere nearly as bad as the above two examples. All the bank has to do is make sure it doesn’t spiral out of control.