There was consternation among cash selling agents as news that the RBZ was set to inject cash to the tune of $1 billion dollars filtered among the community. Shrill messages were exchanged as panic set in.

In one group for Ecocash agents known to sell cash one individual posted this:

Looking for $35K in bond notes paying 35% zvirikuitika mese mukuzviziva, mukanonoka tichatora nema 5% [you all know what is happening].

Apparently most people did not know what was happening. At first, the individual was laughed off for offering such as low rate. Usually, buyers pay up to 55% for bond notes, especially for such large amounts.

Real panic ensued when somebody shared the news from the Herald with everyone on the platform. Part of the message revealed that the government was about to introduce $1 billion in the form of $2 bond coins as well as $2 and $5 Zimbabwean dollar notes.

Panicky sellers started offloading their wares at desperate rates. Currently, sellers are asking for as little as 25% even for big amounts. In comparison, sellers were asking for a minimum of 35% yesterday cognisant of the fact that there could be a new currency injection in two weeks.

Now that promise is very real it seems cash sellers were not so prepared after all.

Zvimapeoa zvakauda kuwanda ukatenga yakawanda unonyura. Hapana anozotenga cash new currency yauya apa unenge vanyudza zvako Eco 45%, the following morning zvoita gedye gedye.

[We are about to have a new cash injection guys, you will sink if you are not careful. No one will buy your cash once the new currency comes out. There is a risk that you spent 45% today and the following morning the bond and RTGS will be 1:1.]

One dealer chirped in with a word of caution