Yesterday businesses had cause to cheer as lockdown rules were relaxed following the relative drop in the number of COVID-19 cases. Businesses will now close at 7 PM if they so choose although most still closed earlier. Curfew hours have now been pushed to 10 PM.

Below is a summary of the new measures introduced:

  1. Curfew from 2200 to 05:30hrs
  2. Businesses to operate from 0800 to 1900hrs
  3. Restaurants & bars within hotels & lodges to operate between 1000 to 2200hrs
  4. Bottlestores to open between 1000 and 1600hrs
  5. Beer outlets & nightclubs to remain closed.6. Public gatherings to not exceed 100.
  6. Decongestion of offices shall be at 50%
  7. Intercity now permitted in strict adherence to Covid-19 health measures
  8. Low-risk sports to resume from 0800 to 1600hrs
  9. High and medium-risk sporting activities to seek approval.11. Persons entering the country should present a Covid-19 test valid less than 48 hrs.
  10. Lockdown relaxation to be reviewed in 2 weeks

Cases on the rise

The number of cases seems to have started picking up ever since schools reopened. The beginning of waves have always coincided with the reopening of schools where regulations are barely being followed. Another weak point is transported as the government stubbornly insists on the ZUPCo monopoly