There was a time when the price of going up was newsworthy-it’s bread after all. Nowadays we have noticed that most people have stopped being shocked about these things. This week we observed that bread prices from the country’s three main bakeries had gone up. People just shrugged. Where you needed about $85 ZWL or $80 bond on the black market to buy a loaf of Lobels/Bakker’s Inn or Proton bread you now need $100 ZWL

Below were the prices of bread during our latest survey:

Bread Bakers Inn$99.99
Bread Lobels$95.49
Bread Proton$95.49
OK Bread$82.99
Pick N Pay Bread$82.99
Food World Bread$83.60

The price of bread is even higher in surbubs

In several tuckshops in various surbubs we actually saw bread going for even more than this. Tuckshops are now demanding $100 ZWL cash per loaf of bread and if one considers the higher value of cash that essentially means that bread is now going for as much as $115 ZWL in tuckshops. Now there is nothing surprising about that when you consider the fact that $115 ZWL RTGS or $100 ZWL in cash is the new rate for US$1. It simply means that businesses are keeping an eye on the rate as always.