According to the latest ZIMSTAT data, there are more Zimbabwean women who have college diplomas in Zimbabwe than men. There are an estimated 185 362 people with Diplomas or some sort of worker qualification in Zimbabwe. Of these people, 53.6 are women while the rest are men. The latest educational statistics in Zimbabwe show that while other countries are struggling for equality when it comes to education Zimbabwe has already achieved it with about 48% of all tertiary graduates being women.

The data is as follows:

Diploma/Skilled Worker Class I46.453.6185362
Bachelor-Honours Degree52.947.1105993
Bachelor-General Degree53.946.1105654
National Foundation Certificate51.448.690974
Higher National Diploma48.951.161108
Masters Degree58.941.148447
Tertiary-Vocational-Certificate/Skilled Worker Class 257.442.646115
Postgraduate Diploma and Certificates48.251.88151
Skilled upgrade worker Class 3 and 473.726.36742
Doctorate (PhD)71.828.24774
Education data from Zimbabwe

As the data clearly shows there are some sections or qualifications that are dominated by women and generally qualifications are split evenly between men and women for most classes of qualifications. The most skewed data is at the Skilled upgrade worker classes 3 and 4 as well as PhD levels which are dominated by men. This can be because most women don’t see the value of PhDs or are generally otherwise occupied and thus unable or unwilling to get doctorates for some reason. The cause needs to be investigated and solved. The same applies to the skilled upgrade worker 3 and 4 levels which might mean women are somehow being disadvantaged in the workplace when it comes to attaining these levels.

NB Skilled Worker Levels are defined in the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education handbook.