ZIMSTAT has released this month’s inflation data and it shows that annual inflation as indicated by the Consumer Price Index fell in March from 321.59% in February to 240.55% . In contrast month on month inflation 2.26% down from 3.45%. ZIMSTA has also published blended inflation figures as shown below.

The year on year inflation rate (annual percentage change) for the month of March 2021 as measured by the all items Consumer Price Index (CPI) from
stood at 240.55% from 321.59%.

The month on month rate was at 2.26% shedding 1.19 percentage points from 3.45%.

The blended month on month inflation rate in March 2021 was 1.09% gaining 0.38 percentage points on the February 2021 rate of 0.71%.

The blended year on year inflation rate for the month of March 2021 as measured by the all items blended CPI stood at 122.33%.

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The fall in inflation doesn’t mean that prices are falling. It simply means that prices are going up at a slower speed and lower rate compared to last year and that is something people can attest too. Nowadays the problem is that people cannot afford basics not that the prices of basics are going up at alarming rates.