Data published by ZiMSTAT shows that the poverty datum line went up to $9 144 ZWL in February per individual. This means that the average Zimbabwean will need about $10 000 ZWL in order to make it through the month. In January that line stood at $8,496.00. If you factor in the black market rate there has hardly been any change as both these amount to US$50.

As always food constitutes a big part of that line

• The Food Poverty Line FPL for one person in February 2022 was $6 660.00
• The Total Consumption Poverty Line TCPL for one person stood at $9 144.00 in February 2022.

A qoute form ZIMSTAT’s latest data

A change in reporting formart

A while back the government was not happy with publishing the poverty datum line for an average family of five and instead moved to publishing data for a single individual. They did this “in line with international standards.” However, it is important to be clear on this since comparing data for an individual versus for an entire family can lead to misleading results.