A couple of weeks ago ZIMSEC released examination results for those who wrote Ordinary Level and Advanced level examinations back in 2021. Now it is time for those who are writing or re-writing their Grade 7,Ordinary Level and Advanced Level examinations this year to begin the registration process. In preparation for the registration process ZIMSEC, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education (MoPSE) recently announced the registration fees for those who intend to write examinations this year.

Examination LevelPortion paid by Candidate ZWL$Portion paid by Government ZWL$Total Fees in ZWL$
Grade 7$4 388.00$5 362.00$9 750.00
O Level$1 620.00$1 980 $3 600
A Level$3 240.00$3 960.00$7 200
ZIMSEC 2022 Examination Fees

If the numbers above look a bit odd it is because they are as we will explain below. Also there are other things to note as we will again below in things to note.

Some things to note

  • The reason why Grade 7 examination fees look higher than Ordinary and Advanced Level fees is because they are the total fees. So if you have a student in a public government-owned school you will pay $4 388.00 ZWL in total for the entire level and not per subject.
  • For Advanced Level and Ordinary Level, the fees are per subject. For example, you will pay $1 620.00 ZWL per subject so if you are doing 5 subjects you will pay $8 100.00 ZWL.
  • The government’s contribution is limited to 7 subjects. If you write more than 7 subjects you will start paying the full fee for the 8th subject. For example, if you are writing 9 subjects you will pay a total of $18 540.00 splits as follows:
    • $11 340.00 ZWL per subject for the 7 subjects at $1 620.00 per subject
    • $7 200.00 ZWL for the additional two subjects at $3 600.00 ZWL per subject.
  • If you are doing practical subjects you will pay double the fees including a practical fee. So you will pay $3 240.00 ZWL instead of the usual $1 620.00 ZWL
  • If you attend a private school you will have to pay the full fees-the government will not contribute anything. This means you will pay $3 600.00 ZWL per subject instead of $1 620.00 ZWL even if you are writing less than 7 subjects