In a world of constant price increases, it is always refreshing to write about something a little bit positive for a change. Just as most of us are about to go on a weekend (there are still some not allowed to go back to work remember), Texas Meats have announced a pork promotion that is going to run from today, 26 June until the beginning of next month 2 July.


Texas Pork ONLY ZWL$199.0 per/kg & USD$1,90 per/kg

Promotion valid from Friday 26th June – Tuesday 2nd July 2020. While Stocks Last!

T&C’s Apply*

Part of the company’s promotional message about the promo.

Yes this is a good deal

$199 ZWL is still a lot of money however trust me when I tell you that this is a good deal. Pork chops are now selling for over $320 in a lot of shops and prime cuts go for anything north of $400. In fact at this price you will not be able to buy a kilogram of value sausages (which normally don’t even have meat) let alone chicken ( a kg of chicken is now going for $220 minimum).


  • Texas meats have got several branches in Harare and throughout the country
  • Of course, they are not using a rate of $57.36 there is a logic to that madness. They are using a rate of $100 ZWL
  • A lot of people don’t eat pork for religious or health reasons that is OK, but it also means more for those who are into pork

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