It seems when it comes to chicken Texas Meat’s chicken is the best deal in town. Their cutlets are selling at a very affordable price of $59.99. In comparison Baba John’s chicken, usually the cheapest chicken in supermarkets, is currently priced above the $70 mark.

$59.99 Texas Meat’s chicken is selling for less than $2 USD per kg if we use the current black market rates. The chicken is also consistently priced despite the packaging. So for example, 7kg packs are still priced at $59.99 ZWL per kg.

Prices as at 20 February 2020

ItemPrice ZWL $
Texas Cutlets 59.99
5kg Texas Cutlets299.95
7kg Cutlets419.93
Sable 1kg79.26
Sable 2kg153.65
Irvines 2kg173.00
Sable 5kg365.85
Sabke Wings 5kg481.70
BBQ Wings446.6
Surrey Wings491.48
Irvine's Wings 1kg100.61
Irvines Drumsticks 1kg125.00
Eggs 3079.99
Necks 1kg60.08
Sable Family Full Chicken128.04