This week we were pleasantly surprised to see all the four supermarkets we survey, carrying cooking oil on their shelves. For the better part of September and October OK, Choppies and TM ( Pick N Pay) did not have cooking oil which seemed to be in short supply although downtown supermarkets were filled to the brim with it.

Prices have continued the onward much to oblivion but on a more steady rate as opposed to the mad dash we saw in the closing weeks of September and the opening weeks of October.

ItemOKPick N PayChoppiesFoodWorld
All Purpose Cleaner 750ml21.1522.999.4920.85
Bath soap Geisha 225g15.3913.9917.00
Bath soap Jade 250gnanana
Beans Dried 500gna22.9919.7530.00
Bleach/Jik 500ml26.2527.4930.25
Bread Baker's Inn14.8014.5014.5014.55
Bread Lobels15.5015.0014.5014.85
Bread Proton15.5015.00na15.00
Bread Shop14.0014.00nana
Candles 6pack 300g32.6025.99na28.45
Cereal (Cerevita) 500g32.6928.4926.9933.99
Cooking Oil 2l57.8056.9959.9555.50
Creamer 1kgnananana
Dish Washer 750ml21.1023.9924.2522.95
Diapers 50275.10213.99216.00na
Drink Bally House36.7934.9930.8036.85
Drink Cheapest20.9932.9929.9927.90
Drink Mazoe Original 2l44.9945.99na45.00
Drink Mazoe less sugar42.9944.9945.9937.99
Eggs 3055.7059.99na75.05
Eggs 6na14.99na16.70
Flour 2kgna44.99na42.50
Green bar17.8018.9911.9920.15
Jam 375ml16.9914.9915.3517.05
Kapenta 1KGna131.99na162.00
Kapenta 500g73.2065.99na65.00
Lotion/Cream Camphor 300ml43.2549.9926.9942.15
Macaroni 3kg69.9969.99na80.85
Margarine 500g23.4921.99024.3016.75
Matches pack of 10 boxes5.709.998.007.50
Mayonnaise 750g22.4941.9950.2037.00
Mealie-meal 10kg58.9963.99na62.70
Mealie-meal Refined 10kg70.4072.9972.9985.85
Milk 1l20.2015.9916.9918.70
Peanut butter 375ml35.9936.9932.9933.05
Petroleum Jelly 300ml40.2539.9965.9538.35
Rice white31.9937.9934.9935.75
Salt 1kg8.307.309.458.90
Sanitary Pads 10s/8s24.7023.9916.9917.45
Scouring powder 500g3.558.793.354.30
Shoe polish 50ml20.5021.29na19.30
Shoe polish 100ml33.1934.99na32.35
Soup Usavi Mix 50g5.505.693.795.50
Stasoft Refill (500ml)35.2932.99na57.40
Sugar 2kg31.9931.9932.8032.25
Surface Cleaner 500ml23.2022.9924.2020.85
Tea 100 tea bags31.8931.9926.8532.00
Thai Rice 2kg43.99nana43.15
Tinned beans 410g11.9913.5912.5013.60
Tinned fish 155gna11.99na14.70
Tissues (Pack of 4)15.0022.9919.3523.50
Toilet Cleaner 500ml32.4026.9923.2024.80
Toothpaste 100ml17.0013.9914.9918.55
Washing Powder 1kg28.4947.9946.0054.40
Washing Powder 2kg57.0053.99114.0081.15
  • As has already been pointed out, cooking oil is now very much available and was present in all the shops and branches we surveyed with $60/2l being the ceiling price
  • Flour seems to be in short supply in most shops. We couldn’t even find it in OK
  • Thai Rice has been absent in most shops for a number of weeks now. Pro Brands and Mega are major distributors of this product. We were not able to find it in many quantities even in downtown shops.
  • The price of peanut butter is headed for the clouds
  • We couldn’t find creamer in any of the supermarkets no Ellis Brown or Cremora. Not to worry it is in abundant supply elsewhere
  • As always there were no eggs in Choppies, what’s up with that?