There was a slight increase in the price of chicken compared to what we saw two weeks ago when we last did our survey. On average chicken is selling for just over $50 ZWL per kg compared to beef prices that are hovering just above $80.

There has also been an increase in the amount of chicken in fridges. However, this is still month-end and so people are still stocking up on their chicken.

OKFood WorldChoppiesPick N Pay
Baba John49.99
Baba John thighs
Baba John wings
Baba John Drumsticks58.75
Baba John breasts
Big brother57.40
Irvines Machikichori
Irvines Drumsticks
Irvine's thighs58.99
Irvines breasts79.99
Irvine's Machikichori
Irvine's wings
Jolly Jongwe
Just Chicken
Just Chicken Wings68.69
Just Chicken Thighs64.99
Just Chicken Drumsticks
Sable breasts65.30
Sable drumsticks62.5959.99
Sable thighs59.9959.99
Sable wings61.3959.99
Shop backs
Shop wings
Surrey thighs
Surrey Wings82.99
Surrey Drumsticks81.99
People's Choice
Shop 1.5kg
Baba John's 2kg97.9999.9589.99
Big brother
Big brother drumsticks 2kg109.99111.80
Farmer Jays 2kg
Gango 2kg
Irvine's 2kg102.65
Irvines Machikichori98.49
Irvine's wings
Jolly Jongwe
Just Chicken107.8999.99
Just chicken breasts139.99
Sable 2kg96.9989.99
Sable Backs91.3986.99
Sable breasts127.49114.99
Sable 1/4s127.49
Sable Gango93.7989.99
Shop 2kg100.1099.99
Shopper's Choice 2kg
Surrey 2kg100.70110.00
People's Choice
Shop 3kg139.99
Irvine's mixed 5kg243.99
Sable mixed 5kg230.99
Surrey Mixed 5kg252.99
Whole Bird
Irvine's bird small
Irvine's Standard
Irvine's blue81.1579.99
Irvine's Whole Giblets53.99
Irvine's whole
Irvine's large
Irvine's Family97.99
Just Chicken Whole59.99
Sable economy bird
Sable King 1.477.99
Sable Family77.8974.99
Sable King Size Whole88.99
Sable mega88.99
Sable Queen67.2964.99
Surrey bird blue57.9986.99
Surrey black84.75
Surrey Purple bird 1.5kg78.4982.30
Surrey Yellowbird large
  • Chicken feet and necks are more expensive than chicken!
  • Despite coming from a farm in Gweru, Baba John’s chicken is easily the cheapest chicken in supermarkets