We have just come off doing our weekly survey and instead of just publishing the prices as we normally do, we thought we should prepare you. Beef prices have reached astronomical heart-attack-inducing levels. Prices have gone up by more than 100% compared to last week’s prices!

According to one of the guys stocking one of the meat shelves of one branch of a popular supermarket the main reason for this is simple. Woke rural farmers are no longer accepting bond notes, swipe or Ecocash. They will no part with their beasts for anything other than USD cash or to a lesser extent Rand.

The 2018/19 drought has hit cattle owners hard as pastures are now a problem. A number of savvy farmers are relying on cattle feed which they have to buy. Vet suppliers are also charging in USD according to rumours. Sellers of both will charge you eye-watering prices in bond/RTGS if you don’t pay the secret USD price.

It explains why tertiary institutions are now going vegan.

Those prices though…

So how bad is it? Well, Choppies is selling beef bones for $50.00 per KG! These bones were very clean with only microscopic bits of meat on them and yet that was the asking price. The cheapest beef meat we saw were cleaned heels (cow hooves basically) in FoodWorld selling for a princely sum of $24.02.

Economy beef now has an asking price of around $80.00 while rough tripe (guru) was peeking at the $50 mark in some shops. Texan T-bone was going $128.90 per KG. Entrecote had an asking price of $115.90

Need we go on? I think we should let you catch your breath for a while before we hit you with more bad news. Yes, there is worse news, sadly.