Compared to the past few weeks we have been having, this past week has been a relatively tame week in terms of price increases. Apart from a hike in bread prices, a 100% increase in the price of toothpaste, Royco soup doubling in price, diapers going up in OK, there was nothing earth-shattering about this week.

This can be due to a number of factors:

  • Retailers have had to contend with depressed demand as wages have remained low
  • Fuel prices did not change this past week and the previous increase had already been factored in
  • ZESA tariff increases were factored in last week and therefore did not come into play this week
  • The exchange rate rose steadily and in a more sane way this week as it has for the past few weeks
  • Prices have caught finally caught up with the black market exchange rates
  • There were no announced pay increases before we did our survey, pay hikes are followed by price hikes more often than not.
ItemOKPick N PayChoppiesFoodWorld
All Purpose Cleaner 750ml21.1515.9923.9922.70
Bath soap Geisha 225gnanana18.50
Bath soap Jade 250g12.99na12.95na
Beans Dried 500g18.9922.99na30.00
Bleach/Jik 750ml24.5932.9927.3548.20
Bread Bakers Inn15.7515.5015.5015.50
Bread Lobelsnananana
Bread Proton15.75nanana
Bread Shopnananana
Candles 6pack 300g18.3525.9916.9928.45
Cereal (Cerevita) 500g28.9929.9924.9935.55
Cooking Oil 2lnanana49.99
Creamer 1kgnana55.00
Dish Washer 750ml23.1017.9924.2520.50
Diapers 50163.69213.99na208.45
Drink Bally Housena34.9934.9936.85
Drink Cheapest27.131.9923.3926.50
Drink Mazoe Original 2lna41.99na39.99
Drink Mazoe less sugar37.9939.9941.5037.99
Eggs 3074.9969.99na75.05
Eggs 6na15.00na12.96
Flour 2kg39.9941.9941.9942.50
Green bar19.3518.9928.9520.15
Jam 375ml16.9916.9916.9914.95
Kapenta 1KG103.99nanana
Kapenta 500gnanana43.30
Lotion/Cream Camphor 300ml50.0049.9926.9942.15
Macaroni 3kg63.9974.99na76.55
Margarine 500g23.4919.99024.3024.40
Matches pack of 10 boxes5.709.997.506.00
Mayonnaise 750g39.5034.9919.9935.00
Mealie-meal 10kg58.9953.9950.6059.35
Mealie-meal Refined 10kg71.9959.9961.9971.70
Milk 1l15.2015.4914.9918.39
Peanut butter 375ml26.9923.9924.4528.75
Petroleum Jelly 300ml41.4039.9949.9532.85
Rice white/Long grain37.3954.9934.9935.75
Salt 1kg9.459.999.507.30
Sanitary Pads 10s/8s24.5514.9922.9521.65
Scouring powder 500g5.992.997.704.30
Shoe polish 50ml15.4015.9915.8515.20
Shoe polish 100mlna26.99na24.95
Soup Usavi Mix 50g3.695.995.605.50
Stasoft Refill (500ml)35.2934.2933.3537.00
Sugar 2kg29.9930.4032.25
Surface Cleaner 500ml23.2015.9923.993.00
Tea 100 tea bags24.6531.9932.2024.25
Thai Rice 2kg44.99nana43.15
Tinned beans 410g11.9913.5912.4013.60
Tinned fish 155gna11.99na13.25
Tissues (Pack of 4)15.3917.9917.9918.20
Toilet Cleaner 500ml32.4026.9925.4932.90
Toothpaste 100ml17.0015.999.4918.55
Washing Powder 1kg28.4937.9924.5031.45
Washing Powder 2kg56.0053.9988.5062.85


  • Those apparent price decreases are not actually price decreases, rather it’s cheaper brands that have reappeared in shops after the month-end shopping spree for example items like Spotless and Clean O All-Purpose Cleaners which are cheaper than Handy Andy
  • We saw a notable increase in the price of sanitary pads
  • We also saw an increase in the price of eggs
  • Cooking oil remains absent from most shops except Food World