The Zimbabwe Regulation Authority has just announced the latest fuel prices for the month of February 2022. Diesel will now sell at US$1.44 per litre up from US$1.38 in January and Petrol will now be selling at US$1.44 up from US$1.41. Confusingly even though the two types of fuel have the same USD price their ZWL prices are different. Diesel will now sell at 168.17 ZWL which is slightly more expensive than Petrol at 167.91 ZWL.

The old prices

Blend Petrol (E10)152.871.41

The new prices

Blend Petrol (E10)167.911.44
Diesel 50168.171.44

The price of everything will go up too

Fuel is an essential input in just about every sector. Each price hike will likely have cascading effects in again just about every other sector. Take for example the retail industry which often uses it to power transportation and provide backup power. They would have to price their products in a way that allows them to recoup these increased overhead expenses. Mobile Network Operators use fuel to power their base stations, workers will have to pay more in fares and will probably demand more wages/transport allowances. Ultimately it is you the customer who will end up footing the bill.