A lot of us have since given up on ZESA ever reverting back to a normal schedule and resorted to LP gas for cooking and baking. A lot of people however are afraid of using LP Gas and see home gas tanks as ticking time bombs. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Just like with electricity cooking and using LP gas in the home has its set of rules that must be religiously followed for safety reasons. Failing to follow these rules increases the chance of that cute looking tank under your stove exploding.

ZERA, the government agency tasked with such matters has helpfully created a video that can use to keep yourself safe.

Please follow these guidelines

I know a lot of people who violate almost all these guidelines and still haven’t suffered the consequences. It’s a bit like drinking and driving you won’t necessarily be involved in an accident but doing so increases the chances of that happening. It might not happen every-time you do it but if you keep doing it eventually it will happen.