To say it is shaping up to be a miserable Christmas holiday is an understatement. We have had bad years before but last year’s Christmas and the one before that were not as bad as this one is going to be. We are seeing price increases left right and centre. It seems all businesses are being run by the Grinch himself. Everywhere we look we see price increases. Be it internet, foodstuffs, hardware, services or even LP Gas.

That’s right, ZERA has just announced the latest gas prices for the month of December and as you have probably guessed from the title you will be paying more or gas in the month of December. What will annoy most people the most is the fact that this is an increase in real terms. That’s right you will be paying more in USD terms too. The prices of gas are coming from the US$2.05 you were paying in November to US$2.14 Most people will probably not be bothered by the change in ZWL prices because let us be honest no one is buying their gas in ZWL and or the few that do this they get charged the black market rate anyway.