Unless you have been living in a cave these past few weeks you have probably noticed it too: tomatoes are really expensive these days. I am not talking about inflation and such here even in USD terms tomatoes are really expensive at the moment.

The price of tomatoes at Mbare Musika 13 December

As of today, tomatoes are selling for the following prices at Mbare Musika:

  • Small tomatoes with minor blemishes $1 each
  • Medium-sized tomatoes $1.50 each
  • Large tomatoes $2 each

Usually, tomatoes are sold in various quantities including in small heaps of about four, plastic dishes, small wooden boxes, medium boxes and large plastic boxes. Expect to pay something around this price:

  • A small heap of four tomatoes $5
  • A larger heap will cost you $10 and so on
  • Plastic dish $23
  • Small box $15
  • Medium box $40
  • Plastic Box $110

It’s not unusual this time of the year

Tomatoes and onions are perhaps the most favourite condiments to most Zimbabwean dishes. However, due to weather and seasons sometimes on or the other is in short supply at some point during the year. While we are seeing a lot of onions on the market tomatoes have always had a bit of a lull in terms of supply just before the start of the rain season and winter.

You wouldn’t have noticed this or maybe you did but tomatoes have a habit of doubling in price during winter seasons due to frost. Also just at the beginning of the maize planting season a lot of people are not exactly growing tomatoes.

It’s just that the current economic crisis has worked to amplify our pain.