ItemPrices in bond
Apple's 9kg Box50
Apples 18kg120
Apple's each1.25
Bananas sandak50
Broccoli kg3
Butternut 8kg25
Butternut small pocket12
Butternut medium pocket15
Button kaylite9
Cabbage head1.50
Cabbage head large2.50
Carrots Kaylite2
Cucumber each1
Cucumber Kaylite2.50
Eggplant Kaylite
Garlic kaylite12
Ginger Kaylite4
Green beans Kaylite2
Greenbeans 4l10
Groundnuts 5l45
Groundnuts cup2.50
Madora 5l65
Madora cup7
Masau cup1.5
Mushroom dried
Mushroom kaylite4
Okra 4litre tin12
Oranges 10kg25
Pepper Kaylite3
Peas kaylite3
Pineapple each2
Pineapple 9kg
Popcorn cup2
Popcorn 5l
Potatoes 5l8.50
Potatoes Pocket37.00
Red Onion pocket55
Onion pocket45
Red Onion Kaylite4
Roundnuts 5l45
Roundnuts cup2
Strawberries Kaylite3
Sweet Potatoes10
Sweet Potatoes Red 5l8
Sweet Potatoes White10
Tomatoes Big15
Tomatoes medium7
Tomatoes small6
Tomatoes sandak75
Kapenta cup5
Beans cup2
Beans 5l45
Kapenta 5l45
Yams 4l15
Yams small 4l7
Cabbage head small1
Cabbage head medium1.75
Cabbage head big2.50
Beans cup5
Beans 5l38
Tomatoes dish5
Broccoli head3
Cauliflower head superlarge5
Green beans 5l12
Garlic cup5
Ginger cup3
Carrots 201
Carrots bunch4
Carrots Kaylite1
Onion each0.50
Peas cup1
Oranges pocket22
Sweet potatoes 25l30
Green peppers each0.25
Chillies cup
  • Items at Mbare Musika are sold in bond i.e. bond notes or coins. Supermarkets on the other hand also accept Ecocash and Swipe (RTGS)
  • You can cash out but you will have to pay a premium whenever you do this. This premium is high as 40%