Growing up people used to talk about how cabbages were often served and associated with funerals. The standard Shona word for funeral is interesting. The word nhamo can be translated in many ways including funeral but it could also mean deep poverty.

As most Zimbabwe now live in deep poverty well below the poverty datum line which continues to chase after inflation, a lot of families are now serving up cabbage on a regular basis as they mourn the economy. While prices go up, cabbages have remained very affordable.

A lot of families we know and from our observations in shops it seems more people are buying cabbages and shops seem to be carrying more of them. Even at Mbare Musika cabbages are now brisk business according to vendors. Do not imagine for a second that all those people are now suddenly into salads. At nearly $50 mayonnaise and Salad cream (around $40) are very much beyond the reach of many.

Prices of fruits and vegetables in supermarkets as of 20 October 2019

ItemOKFood WorldChoppiesPick N Pay
Apple's kg44.5554.9331.5046.99
Baby Marrows pnt9.99
Bananas kg7.007.059.99
Beans Green ptn/300g10.899.99
Beans Green kg6.758.7324.99
Beetroot PNT Kaylite5.75
Broccoli kg10.99
Broccoli pnt9.455.9310.99
Butternut kg29.158.59
Cabbage 1/22.502.521.99
Cabbage 1/41.29
Cabbage head small2.00
Cabbage head5.405.053.99
Cabbage Chinese head
Carrots KG22.689.9912.99
Carrots Kaylite14.735.99
Cauliflower pint/Kaylite/300g
Cauliflower kg26.99
Celery bunch
Coconut each7.99
Coleslaw PNt
Covo bundle1.99
Cucumbers PNT8.107.35
Cucumbers kg
Dates kg
English cucumber each17.50
Eggplant pnt16.99
Gemsquash kg17.99
Grapes Kaylite/kg81.79
Leeks Pnt11.99
Lemons kg46.99
Lettuce head6.70
Manhuchu 100G3.49
Mhunga meal kg
MuMhare 100G
Mushroom button pnt
Naartjies kg69.99
Okra Kaylite
Onion Kaylite
Onion Kg12.8520.599.4912.99
Onions Red kg29.99
Onion Shallots bundle1.99
Mushroom Oyster Kaylite
Peas pnt8.10.
Peaches Transvalia79.99.
Pepper Green Pnt8.7313.99
Pepper kg8.50.32.99
Pepper Yellow pnt29.2139.99
Pepper Yellow kg69.99
Pepper Red Pnt22.17
Pepper Red Kg26.37
Pineapple sliced pnt19.10
Plain nuts 100G
Potatoes kg8.1069.9016.99
Potatoes Pocket113.3999.99
Pumpkins kg
Raisins Dried kg
Red Chillies pnt15.75
Rape bundle2.001.701.99
Squash kg
Strawberries pnt29.89
Sugar snap pnt
Spinach bunch1.99
Turnips pnt
Tomatoes Cherry PNT
Tomatoes kg13.4513.2314.9924.99
Veggies bumdle
Watermelon kg10.4012.44
Zviyo meal 100g