Zimbabweans, like the rest of the world, are celebrating their Christmas today. Unlike the rest of the world, it’s likely to be a less joyful one for the umpteenth time. If anything it’s going to be worse than last year’s Christmas.

The Zimbabwean economy hasn’t really been doing well since 2015 but this year things have really taken a turn for the worst.

  • Fuel shortages that began last year have become even more acute. Some of our countrymen are likely to spend their Christmas in fuel queues.
  • Power shortages with most of us spending hours in the dark. This can be blamed on corruption, incompetence and drought. Most of us are braving for a Christmas in darkness.
  • Cash shortages. For 3 years the government has been making empty promises that it will solve the cash crises. They have failed miserably on that front. If you want cash you have to buy it on the black market as banks are now in league with the said black market. Despite splashing cash on the black market they have been cleared by the RBZ despite ample evidence of guilt.
  • Spiralling inflation as prices go up at every turn. If you want to buy in the local useless currency budgets are not really an option anymore
  • Non-existant healthcare. Despite all the loud talk if you get sick don’t waste your time walking into a public hospital. Doctors have not reported for work in months.
  • Dollarisation-just like in 2008 the economy has fled back to the USD despite the government’s stubbornness
  • Shortages of basic goods like mealie-meal

We wish you a Merry Christmas despite all this

From us here at Zimpricecheck.com we wish you a Merry Christmas despite all these. We are a resilient people and we will outlast this pain and these hardships.