Zimbabwe’s currency situation often confuses strangers and diasporians. Sometimes even locals themselves are confused. How did we end up with effectively over 5 currencies in use with about at least three local currencies each with it’s own values and quirks. We did attempt to explain this in our long read titled: The Kingdom of Funny Money. But serial entrepreneur Kuda Musasiwa has done one better. He has come up with a funny but educational video on the issue.

Using clever analogies the video explains how we got to today from the relative financial calm we experienced through out the GNU period. It has indeed been a tumultuous 4 or so years with the last of the bond notes dying last year when people roundly rejected the $5 ZWL bond note, the last of the Bond currency family. But we also saw the banning and unbanning of the US dollar and claims that we were de-dollarising even though we are not.