Yesterday Zimbabwean publications from this site to even the ZBC had reports that the government was going to introduce a new proper currency in November. The rumours were attributed to Eddie Cross who spoke to Bloomberg. The government was not amused and issued a strong-worded denial.

3 October 2019

We have received a lot of Media Enquiries regarding the pronouncements by Mr Eddie Cross on Currency Reforms. Mr E. Cross pronounced that Zimbabwe will be introducing a new currency in November 2019. We would like to make it clear that Mr E. Cross does not speak for the Government of Zimbabwe. Neither does he speak for the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ). His views are personal and not indicative of Government’s policy thrust. The Reserve Bank will regularly inject money into the economy in a measured and responsible way. Government will continue to give the nation updates on currency reform as and when necessary.

You would be foolish to take them at their word

When it comes to important policies you would be foolish to take the Zimbabwean government at their word. Instead of being transparent and forthcoming they love to spring nasty life-changing policies as surprises upon the public and businesses.

It has been their modus operandi since the current government came into office last year. Even the most outrageous rumours that the government has gone out of its way to deny have eventually been found to be actual fact. Whoever thought we would be paying duty in foreign currency?

Sometimes the government issues a denial in the morning and yet the rumour or leak is confirmed by the very same office that issued the denial before the day is out. Besides even the Finance Minister has said at some point that a new currency is coming.

So be wise a prepare for the new currency! The government is just feigning here. Even Eddie Cross has issued a rebuttal to the government notice:

It’s nothing new (what he said). The president announced a few months ago that we will have a currency by November. The delays were because of printing otherwise it would have been introduced in September.

Eddie Cross after hearing about the government denial

He is right various government officials have already said a new currency is coming. That includes the President himself, the Finance Minister and others. Why is then the government speaking in circles? Well, they seem to like the pleasure of nasty surprises and want to people unprepared.