Pepsi drink maker in Zimbabwe, Varun Investments had some pretty interesting statistics to share recently. According to the company the average Zimbabwe person drinks about 65 bottles of Pepsi per year. We don’t have similar statistics from Delta to share but it probably means Pepsi and not Coca Cola is now the most popular fizzy drink in Zimbabwe. Varun has tried to match this increase in demand by scaling up their operations. They now make an astounding 400 fizzy drinks per minute in their Harare factory.

Anecdotal evidence already shows that Varun’s fizzy drinks that include Pepsi. Mountain Dew and Mirinda have a bigger market share than Delta owned drinks that include Coca Cola, Fanta and Schweppes. A survey of any shop shows that stores tend to stock more Varun made drinks than Delta’s. The same trends are reflected on the streets where Pepsi branded bicycle sellers dominate compared to Delta owned branded bicycles.

Given that Zimbabwe’s popularity is mostly rural according to numerous statistics published by ZIMSTAT is probably possible that urban populations are drinking more than the cited 65 bottles per person because demand for drinks tends to be lower in rural areas. A number of shopkeepers have confirmed that even though demand is lower in rural areas Pepsi and its family of fizzy drinks is still outselling Delta’s drinks.

Despite Pepsi’s dominance in the fizzy drinks arena Delta still leads in two sectors. Their alcohol business has no equal. They also lead the pure fruit juice sector with their Minute Maid brand.