Econet said they were going to review (hike) data bundle prices starting today. True to their word they have but the adjustments are so subtle you would be forgiven for missing them. We know what they did.

Here is a comparison between the new and the old data bundle prices.

Econet daily data bundles new versus old

Here are the new prices:

DataCost ZWLValidity Period
40MB$4.001 day
150MB$10.001 day
250MB$13.001 day
600MB$20.001 day
1200MB$351 day

Here are the old prices (from September 23)

DataOld Price ZWLValidity
40MB$41 Day
180MB$91 Day
400MB$121 Day
800MB$181 Day
1500GB$301 Day

Pretty cunning stuff. So what has changed?

  • The $9 bundle is gone and now we have a $10 bundle, instead of 180MB you now get 150MB instead
  • There is a new $13 bundle that replaces the old $12 bundle and you get 250MB instead of 400MB
  • This pattern is repeated: a slight increase paired with a reduction in data allocation

New weekly versus old weekly

DataCost ZWLValidity Period
25MB$3.007 days
60MB$6.007 days
160MB$14.007 days
350MB$287 days
700MB$557 days

This is what the old prices were like:

DataCost ZWLValidity
25MB$2.507 days
60MB$67 days
160MB$147 days
350MB$287 days
700MB$557 days

No sneaky stuff here. Only the 25MB bundle got a 50 cents increase.

New monthly versus old monthly

DataCost ZWLValidity Period
270MB$28.0030 days
700MB$70.0030 days
1150MB$11030 days
2100MB$18030 days
3100MB$23030 days

The old prices were like this:

DataCost ZWLValidity
270MB$2830 days
700MB$7030 days
1150MB$11030 days
2100MB$18030 days
3100MB$23030 days

No changes were made here.