The Zimbabwean economy has been on an slide, that has accelerated in the past few months. The slump started in 20013 just as soon as the elections killed the Government of National Unity it would appear. Data published by Zimbollar on their Twitter feed shows how even during the first half of 2018 things were already bad.

This was prior to droughts, load-shedding or fuel shortages. It shows how this country, aided by lack of government planning, has relied heavily on imports for the past seven years resulting in massive Balance of Payment deficits whose effects are now coming to head.

2018 was the year we supposedly had a bumper harvest due to the success of Command agriculture and yet here we were importing maize putting into question the successes that the government liked to boast about.

The energy deficit has persisted for years. The government has failed to diversify it’s power generation capacity which relies heavily on hydro-electricity and antiquated power plants at Hwange.

Even the socalled second republic has failed to bring to book, Wicknell Chivayo who got solar contracts and payments but failed to deliver. The recent droughts have meant a diminished capacity to produce power, resulting in an increase in imports.

Fuel shortages that began in late 2018 have become entrenched despite empty promises that these would be resolved. Add to that the fact we still have a cash crisis with Zimbabweans still unable to withdraw money and you wonder why the Finance Minister and Reserve Bank Governor are not hanging their heads in shame!