A week ago the government introduced Statutory 213 and 212 of 2019 which reinforced the Zimbabwean dollar as the sole currency of Zimbabwe. The instruments also give the RBZ the authority to enforce these two laws with fines of up to $6 000 per day and a possible jail term if you fail to pay the fine.

A privileged few still get to charge in foreign currency

Just as with all things the government still wants to have its cake and eat it too. They have made multiple exceptions which still allow them to, for example, charge duty in foreign currency for what they deem to be luxury goods.

In addition a couple of other businesses notably the Simbisa group still get to ask for payment in foreign currency although they are still obligated to accept local payment options.

Is Chicken Inn really a tourist facility?

Is Chicken Inn really a tourist facility. I will be honest I have been to lots of Simbisa branches, not once have I seen a tourist. What makes them different from Chicken Slice? Or KFC? Frankly, I have seen tourists in KFC too.

Allowing some businesses to charge in foreign currency while others are not is dangerous and smacks of favouritism. It gives competitors an unassailable edge that could see the disadvantaged business dying especially given the dysfunctional Interbank rate.