It’s no secret that ever since the new century began, in 2000, this country has struggled economically. Even during the Government of National Unity period (GNU) period most people in this country where surviving at best with unemployment still very high. So what happened? What has changed. True even with climate change, Agriculture and gold production has risen to levels comparable to 1999 numbers but we are still surviving at best. This picture explains it all:

The answer to our troubles lie in this cotton brick

The problem is that we are simply exporting raw materials which fetch little on the international market. Diamonds from Chiadzwa are shipped while still encrusted in dirt. This is despite many promises that the government would start polishing them and even introduce cutters who would operate from Zimbabwe. It’s the same story with gold and indeed agriculture products such as tobacco and cotton which we continue to ship in almost raw form.

If we are to improve this country’s economic standing we need to get serious about exporting, at the very least, intermediate products. While some sectors no doubt require some sort of technology that may be beyond us, making denim cloth used to make jeans should surely be within our reach. If this is made the policy in every sector we should see an improvement in inflows. This will also no doubt result in a reduction in unemployment and under-employment.