Zimbabwe’s premier has dismissed as false and malicious a story doing rounds on various blogs that the company repatriated the wrong body which they then proceeded to bury. A story that claimed Nyaradzo Group returned the incorrect corpse, which reportedly resulted in an improper burial, was published by hararelive.com and has been discredited by the firm as being a fabrication of the news site in question.

In a statement, the Nyaradzo Group referred to the story as false and spiteful, and they said that they were in the process of talking with their legal counsel over the next step.

It has come to our attention that an online article published on hararelive.com by a certain Mariko John on June 2 2022, and other online publications, contains unfounded and untrue allegations about wrong body repatriation allegedly carried out by ourselves.

It goes on to say that our organization has done this before, and the writer alleges that the information contained therein came from a reliable source.

The writer makes no mention of neither the affected clients’ names nor the date when the incident/s occurred. In addition, the sources in the story are unnamed.

Nyaradzo Funeral Services does not have an Operations Director, who is mentioned in the false and malicious article.

By issuing this statement, we rebut any such claims and assert that they are false and unfounded.

We are also aware of another story, complete with a picture of our branded vehicle and buildings, wherein the headline speaks of a Nyaradzo boob involving a botched burial, yet the context speaks of an incident relating to an entirely different funeral services provider.

We perceive deliberate malice and we are consulting with legal advisors on this undue negative portrayal of our brand.

We note with serious and growing concern, the prevalence of unethical practices in the name of journalism, wherein individuals and some online publications circulate falsehoods as fact.

We would like to reassure members of the public that we remain committed and intentional about providing professional end-of-life services.

Nyaradzo’s full statement on the issue

The Doves story

It’s not clear why the publication published this story without confirming the details or at the very least trying to establish the family in question if there is any. This could all be partly due to the Doves story from a few months ago when Doves did an improper burial involving a Nyanga family. The company allegedly tried to cover this up by burying the body of the person who was supposed to be buried in Nyanga in a pauper’s grave at Mbudzi cemetery. The company tried to deny the allegations but in a salacious turn of events that had social media and online publications on edge the allegations were finally confirmed. It may be just the writer at hararelive.com was took keen to be the first to reveal this scoop they did not do their due diligence. The result is that they are left with an egg on the face instead of a pat in the back.