Yesterday Zimbabwe recorded a shocking 95 new cases according to the Ministry of Health. It seems cases are on the rise again. COVID-19 generally takes about two weeks for symptoms to show so most of these cases would have been transimitted during the early days of us reopening and getting off from a strict lockdown. It seems whenever the government relaxes restrictions people just stop taking COVID-19 preventative measures seriously

t’s become all too clear to us now, COVID-19 is a pandemic of waves and lulls. Currently, we are going through a lull but if we keep getting relaxed we might go through a devastating third wave especially during the winter months when people tend to huddle and stay together. Countries like France are going through their third waves after devastating first and second waves.

Below is a table which shows the number of cases and deaths so far in April and it’s not a good trend.

Zimbabwe COVID-19 Cases April 2021

wdt_ID Date Number of Cases Deaths
1 01/04/2021 14 0
2 02/04/2021 7 1
3 03/04/2021 8 0
4 04/04/2021 12 1
5 05/04/2021 11 0
6 06/04/2021 32 6
7 07/04/2021 18 0
8 08/04/2021 68 1
9 09/04/2021 95 3
10 10/04/2021 126 3
Date Number of Cases Deaths

Graph showing April cases

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