So as you might know, the government entered into a deal with millers in a bid to keep the price of maize-meal around the $50 ZWL/ 10 kg mark. The jury is still out on whether they will be successful or not on that front.

What is clear is that at least the government is making an effort to try and tame the price of roller meal. While in western countries they have bread and butter issues, in Zimbabwe we have sadza issues, the very peace we enjoy despite the grumbling populace comes from the fact that people are still enjoying their sadza. Take that away from them and there is not telling what would happen.

Economist Eddie Cross is not happy with the government’s model

Economist and government advisor Eddie Cross is not happy with the government’s blanket subsidy model as he says it will cost the fiscus an estimated $3 billion after 12 months. He instead wants the government to print vouchers and give them to the poor who can then exchange them for real maize meal in shops.

To be frank Mr Cross’s method is stupid, bureaucratic and demonstrates a disturbing level of ignorance. While he may be privileged and has access to money currently a family of five needs about $3 500 ZWL to survive a month according to the government.

What this means is that the majority of Zimbabweans are poor and all need vouchers. Let us say that 90% of Zimbabweans are poor, how easy is it going to be to print all his vouchers? His system frankly is not workable and will result in even more corruption and confusion.

Besides considering the government wasted $9 billion US dollars since 2015 for which they can barely account what is several hundred million dollars to them? Those hundred of millions of dollars would be needed to keep the majority of Zimbabwe’s populace alive as they face certain starvation and death.

For him to look at the figures and casually suggest money is more important than people’s lives is callous and cold.