ZBC License Fees on Tuesday, 14 May 2024

Licence TypeUSD Fees Per QuarterZiG Fees Per QuarterUSD Fees Per YearZiG Fees Per Year
Private Car radio licenceUS$23.00310.09 ZIGUS$92.001 240.37 ZIG
Home radio licence (rural)US$5.0067.41 ZIGUS$20.00269.65 ZIG
Home radio licence (urban)US$10.00134.82 ZIGUS$40.00539.29 ZIG
Home TV licence (Includes Radio)US$25.00337.06 ZIGUS$100.001 348.23 ZIG
Business radio licenceN/AN/AUS$100.001 348.23 ZIG
Company car radioUS$50.00674.12 ZIGUS$200.002 696.46 ZIG
Company TV licence (Includes Radio)N/AN/AUS$200.002 696.46 ZIG

Last Updated on Monday 13 May 2024 at 08:35:11 Central Africa Time

  • If you own a car the government now requires you to buy a radio licence first before you can get car insurance.
  • The new fees are in USD even though they are payable in ZiG at the prevailing official exchange rate
  • Everyone who owns a TV or radio is required to pay these licence fees
  • Most people don’t although ZBC agents have been known to do inspections