In Zimbabwe WhatsApp is king but SMS still has more coverage. Besides getting Facebook to grant you access to its WhatsApp API so you can send bulk WhatsApp marketing messages is an arduous and expensive exercise. So if you run a business in Zimbabwe SMS is still the easiest and cheapest method to get in touch with your customer. BulkSMS Zimbabwe is one of the players in that sector and recently they reviewed their tariffs

Their new tariffs are now as follows:

  • If you are sending between 1 – 99,999 messages it will cost you $5.50 per message SMS you send.
  • For between 100 000 and 299 999 messages it will cost you $5.30 ZWL per message.
  • For batches of 300 000 and more SMSes, you will pay $5.00 ZWL per SMS

Typing messages on your phone is complicated, BulkSMS simplifies that by allowing you to type messages in their web interface and allowing you to import all your intended contacts. You can then send the same message to hundreds of thousands of your clients in one go. Signing up for an account is easy all you need is an email. You can then deposit money into your BulkSMS account so you can have SMS credit using Ecocash or by making a bank deposit into Bulk SMS’s account.

Bulk SMS has a superpower that advanced users like me can exploit. They have something called an API that allows you to create your own apps that allow you to send SMS based on certain conditions and logic. For example, sending a confirmation SMS when a customer buys a ZESA token from your app.